WDI Success Story: Kelli

Kelli has been a client of Workforce Development, Inc. since 2015. She has been using county benefits while working on applying for social security disability. Over the years she has attempted to work several jobs, but was never able to maintain them either due to her scheduling needs or the demands they put on her physically and mentally. Kelli thrived on routine and when COVID-19 hit, many of her regular services and appointments were disrupted. At first it was devastating and Kelli struggled to go on day to day.

One day, her son, who successfully participated in WDI’s youth programming, suggested she apply as a bus aid for the company he works for. Kelli decided to try. The odd hours (mornings and afternoons) fit well with her schedule and she soon learned she thrived working with the younger kids. The bus company has been very flexible and structures her routes around her physical and mental health services so she can continue to stay healthy. They have also discussed with her additional training so she can drive the vans as well as work as an aid. She has maintained her employment since September 2020.

What started as a sub position has lead to a permanent spot as an aide on the bus for 3-4 year-olds and special education students. Kelli says “I love it and can get those kiddos laughing like crazy!”


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