The Inclusive Workforce Employer (I-WE) Designation is supported by the Workforce Development Board of Southeast Minnesota and the Winona Workforce Development Board. It was established by the Regional Workforce Alliance of Northwest Minnesota to support and recognize employers who:

  • Express a commitment to an inclusive workplace in their stated values, mission or policies.
  • Assess how diversity, equity and inclusion influence their work and culture.
  • Provide diversity, equity and inclusion education for staff and leadership.
  • Allocate resources to support and sustain an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Be recognized as an employer of choice with a designation as an Inclusive Workforce Employer. Take the first step in becoming a part of a forward-thinking group, committed to helping your business and community grow, by completing the following application.


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In 2021, Workforce Development, Inc. hosted a “Lunch and Learn” event during Welcoming Week to showcase Southeast Minnesota’s new Inclusive Workforce Employer Designation and to highlight our first cohort of businesses and their efforts towards this designation, and the I/WE program as a whole.


Employer Toolkit – Resources, Trainings & More

Approved I-WE Practitioners

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Goodenough Consulting, LLC is your partner for equity and justice-focused systems change initiatives. They offer organizational strategic visioning consultation, culture-shifting professional development and workshops, JEDI audits, hate/bias and identity-based harm assessment and prevention, individual coaching for capacity building and values alignment, and dynamic keynote speaking.

Contact: Amanda Florence Garcia Goodenough | | 608.769.7697


Bohlman Consulting offers a wide variety of services to get your organization moving towards an inclusive and responsive framework. Organizations need to be spaces that allow people to “fail forward” and inspire people to be authentically creative. Bohlman Consulting will work with your team to highlight areas of strength, pinpoint areas of growth and create a plan of action to shift your organizational culture to attract the right staff and clients. They work with organizations through a coaching framework that seeks to understand without judgment. They work with people who are in all stages of awareness of equity work and who want to improve themselves and their organizations in becoming more inclusive and equitable.

Contact: Stephanie Bohlman | | 608.535.0975


The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport is an organization that helps people change sport, and all, spaces to be more healing and inclusive. Beginning with knowledge of how brains develop and works and how stress impacts the brain, we can move towards understanding how small adjustments in structure, system, culture and individual actions can make teams feel more welcoming and open them up for better professional and personal results.

Instagram: @chjsorg


HomeGrown LLC is a small business originating in SE Minnesota that highlights “on the job training”, or lived experiences of people outside of the dominant perspective. HomeGrown aims to teach about culture, identity, diversity, equity, and inclusion through interactive trainings’, workshops, and discussions, and to “grow” organizations’ and individuals’ capacity for new learning and understanding about themselves and others.

The organization is led by Nicole Andrews, who spent the early part of her career teaching young children. During her career, she has worked with families who have experienced trauma, as an administrator at Rochester Public Schools, and as a coordinator with a school that exclusively served children with disabilities, all while advocating and training in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Catherine Davis is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Along with co-creating curriculum, Catherine facilitates inviting sessions that allows all participants to see themselves in the work of DEI. She has spent 20+ years in education, as a K-12 teacher and also as an adult educator. Catherine brings her experiences while working across communities, to teach Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices and principles.

Contact: Nicole Andrews | | 612.552.1178




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